propolis for stomach

Until a few decades, gastritis and ulcers were rare. Hyperacidity is a problem of modern man, who has an unbalanced diet, who smoke more, drink more coffee, more alcohol and is always stressed. In these cases add another, found 20 years ago: Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that forms the foundation of the ulcerous disease. Treatment consists of antibiotics, but sometimes they cause stomach discomfort.
Therefore, some medical specialists in family medicine with competence in apiphytotherapy and acupuncture, we recommend a natural antibiotic: propolis.
It reduces gastric acid hypersecretion, is anti-inflammatory, has an antispasmic effect, cicatrizes injuries that may exist on the stomach mucous membrane and acts as an antihemoragic in cases where the patient has hemorrhages stomach. Propolis can be purchased directly from beekeepers and administered as such in the form of the grains.
The recommended dose for heartburn is two the grains before breakfast and bedtime. It can, however, use propolis tincture, purchased from stores with natural profile. It is administered 10 to 20 drops in based on body weight, morning and evening, on a piece of bread. Because the tincture also has the alcohol in the composition, which is contraindicated for stomach problems, we recommend patients to wait a half hour to evaporate the alcohol.
Honey polyfloral
In case of heartburn, another effective remedy is honey bee polyfloral that prevent bacterial growth and has the local anti-inflammatory effect. But because honey has a mild acidity, it is recommended to dilute in a herb tea. The most use for this purpose is marigold flowers, St. John's wort, chamomile, hawthorn, lemon balm and acacia flowers.
Is mixed in equal parts and is prepared an infusion with 1-2 teaspoons of herb per cup of water (250 ml). Drink three to five cups a day until unpleasant symptoms disappear. It can add five drops of tincture of propolis. Medicinal plants can also be used separately for infusion prepared with the same amounts.

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