propolis in pregnancy

Because pregnant women are not allowed to use many types of drugs in pregnancy, they try to beware of seasonal virosis, and other diseases using natural remedies. One of these is propolis.
Often used to strengthen the immune system, but also for other diseases, propolis is not indicated to be used in pregnancy and lactation should be avoided especially.
There are more debates about the use of propolis during pregnancy. It is certain that there is not sufficient scientific experiments and studies to bring essential information about its effect on the fetus. For the information in this issue are limited and insufficient, it is recommended to avoid both pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
Some experts say it's best to talk to your doctor before resorting to such remedies to give you the best advice on their safety.
Even if you are tempted by propolis during pregnancy, you can talk to a doctor for an alternative treatment regarding the problem you have. It is possible to have no effect on the pregnancy, but it is best you not risk.

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