propolis for herpes

The herpes always comes when you have a very low immunity, so that we must take care to strengthen our defense system and natural products with propolis can help in this regard.
Eruptions, small blisters with colorless liquid, are the most common manifestations of herpes virus infection. Blisters is break easily and the wounds caused have need up to 12 days to heal themselves. Throughout, the patients have itching or burning sensations local.
Frequent recurrence of herpes on the lips indicate a lack of iron in the body that weakens the immune system. For young children, infected from the mother can keep this virus for all life. Even if signs disappear, the virus remains and makes itself felt when the body is weakened due to fatty diet, of physical effort, of stress or excessive exposure to the sun. Other conditions such as diabetes or tuberculosis amplifies herpes. In the case of infection with herpes virus, doctors recommend rest for those with low immunity, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, giving up smoking and eliminating fats, which favors the appearance of eruptions. Order to keep away those around you from illness with herpes, should be noted that blisters with herpes contain large amounts of virus, which survive up to seven days and can be transmitted through saliva on the glasses or cups, kiss, coughing or sneezing.
Propolis is an efficient antiseptic, antiviral, cicatrizing, and immune system stimulant. In patients with herpes is recommended to treat outbreaks with propolis ointment, available at any pharmacy herbal.

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  1. Propolis is a natural product, I'd like to try it myself