propolis for children

Along with royal jelly and honey, propolis is part of the miracle trio of bee hive,  being among many others and most powerful anti-infective medicinal product knew until now. Scientists increasingly more than
preoccupied about the extraordinary properties of this natural medicine, have observed that this destroy no less than 21 bacteria, 9 species of fungus and neutralises the 30 types of viruses, including their varieties.
Respiratory viroses are effectively combated by propolis because of its potent antiviral actions. In no such cases administered of child antibiotics because they will not have no effect. Antibiotics only work for conditions caused by bacteria. So use propolis to combat the effects of respiratory virosis and boost the immune system to fight against viruses.
If to first of cold symptoms are administered propolis tincture at higher doses (2-3 x 3ml/zi in adults and 2-3 x 3 drops / kg / day in young children, mixed with honey), healing is more faster and the symptoms are much easier. Also to stimulate immunity in children and infants, experts recommend parents aqueous propolis extract, one to three drops per kg body weight per day. They say that this product is very effective especially in children who spend more time in communities because through prophylaxis the children will cool more slowly, until the colds will become the exception and not the rule.
The propolis can be used successfully in diseases of the digestive, or viral infections, as well enteritis or acute and chronic colitis. In this case take 50 drops of propolis tincture in a teaspoon of honey or on a piece of bread, 3-4 times per day. If the small suffer from parasitic diseases such as infection with Giardia Lambros protozoan, then be taken a teaspoon of tincture on a piece of bread 3 times a day before meals.
Treatment is administered one week and can be resumed if needed.

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