Propolis Tincture

The propolis is compound of vegetal resins , balsam of different compositions, wax, etheric oils, iron and microelements - zinc, copper,manganese,  plus bee pollen complex, flavonoids, cobalt, salivary gland secretions of bees. This product of bee is used because it has the capacity to remove fatigue and increase physical resistance.
Due to its properties antiviral, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory propolis finds its more and more uses. It is a good stimulator of recovery damaged tissue injuries, cuts and especially burns, frostbite. It is very useful in healing wounds from firearms, as well as cicatrisation of operations. This heal buccal mucosa and is beneficial in bleeding gums.
The balm of propolis  protects against roentgen radiation and of other nature.
How to prepare and at what use propolis tincture?
This product can be used as such,  as chewing gum (human saliva being one of the very few substances that we solubilized) in the form of soft propolis extract embedded in honey, obtaining the propolizata honey and used to prepare various ointments.
What's the most effective method of administration of this product remains, however, propolis tincture.
Alcohol per 100 ml exceeding 80 degrees is added 20 g propolis.
The alcohol mixed with propolis is introduced into a vessel, heat to 30-35 gr C and mix well. This procedure is repeated daily for a week.
After that, leave to decanted and choose the clean fluid  .
Using the same dosage, the process may be simplified.
The only difference is that without heating, propolis grind and let it soak for 14 days.
Following the clinical and laboratory experiments it turned out that propolis tincture is helpful in healing all internal diseases infectious (30 drops / day in a glass of warm water), combat menopausal disorders (10 drops a day for a year ), healing inflammation of the prostate (30 drops / day), kidney and liver (twice a day, how many 40 drops, repeat until the healing) in treating pulmonary TBC (three times / day for 30 drops supplemented with inhalations - to 1/4 liter of boiling water add 100 drops of tincture - twice a week), anti-enteritis, intestinal parasites, pain of stomach and treat peptic ulcers.
To all skin affections, especially corns and keratitis, old wounds, burns and fungus, can heal diseased places hundred percent by blotting with propolis tincture,  it is having cicatrizing action, helping to the formation new tissues.
For preventing and treating specific affections cold season can be prepared a drink of 15-20 g of propolis, introduced in a liter of strong plum brandy.
Shake the solution daily and after a few weeks you get a bitter drink from to drink a glass before bed.
This tictura regulates blood and placed on the painful gingiva or tooth carious ease the pain and prevent infection.
- Colds, flu in its early stages, sore throat (tracheitis, pharyngitis), chronic bronchitis, dry cough,
- Convulsive cough (be taken 5-6 teaspoons per day of a mixture of half of a teaspoon of tincture and a teaspoon of honey)
- Enteritis, acute and chronic colitis,
- Viral infections in the intestines and digestive tract on the whole (taking 50 drops of propolis tincture in a teaspoon of honey or a piece of bread, 3-4 times a day)
- Atherosclerosis, hypertension, (combine in equal parts tincture of propolis with tincture of garlic (Allium sativum). Administer 30-50 drops 4 times a day on an empty stomach before meals. Mixture of tincture can be taken as such, undiluted or with honey). Have to know that the health benefits of honey are many.
-Adjuvant in all types of hepatitis: take 30 drops of tincture of propolis in honey 4 times a day on an empty stomach. The treatment lasts three months
- Meningitis (adjuvant) and  in typhoid fever, all infectious diseases: Take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day
-The menopause disorders of: time of one year is made treatment with propolis tincture. Take 20 drops mixed with a teaspoon of honey 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening
-Nephritis, pielo-nephritis, cystitis, and urinary infections in general: Take 1 teaspoon of tincture 3-4 times a day. The treatment lasts 5-7 days
-Prostatitis, enlarged prostate adjuvant in: Take 50 drops of tincture three times daily on an empty stomach. A cure lasts 3 months and resumes when needed
- Infections of Protozoan Giardia Lambros: Take a teaspoon of tincture on a piece of bread 3 times a day before the main meals. Treatment lasts one week and can be resumed when needed depending on the composition of propolis
- Tonsillitis, pharyngo-tonsillitis, laryngitis: a piece of cotton wool placed on top of a small baguette to soften well in propolis tincture. Apply tincture by means of this device directly on the affected area. The effects are rapid
- Mammary cancer (adjuvant), skin cancer (adjuvant) to soften a cotton ball in propolis tincture, then very slowly squeeze over the place affected, leaving preparation to bathe the place and harden itself. Resumes operation 3-4 times every 2-3 minutes, then leave the treated area to air dry. (see also the combination of tinctures to the treatment  of moles and warts that etse very active in skin cancer and tumors outward)
- Open wounds, burns of all types: apply exactly the above treatment from skin cancer. In case of wound, is done before a disinfection with alcohol
- Infectious eczema: apply propolis tincture with a cotton swab so that the affected area be bathed as much time by the preparation which will penetrates so in depth as much. Will be made 2 such applications with tincture per day, after which the place will be left to dry for half of a hour. In case of dry eczema will be subsequent applied a thin of comfrey ointment (Symphytum officinale) or marigolds (Calendula officinalis)
- Moles, warts: are combined in equal proportions propolis tincture, with tincture of comfrey and celandine tincture. Apply this remedy exactly as to skin cancer

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