propolis - natural antibiotic

Actually, Egyptians and ancient Greeks they used the everything that demonstrates the recent studies, related  the benefits of this miraculous product. Precisely of those times, it was observed that for avoid the microbial aggression of the hive, the accumulation of organic matter and to maintain a constant temperature,  bees appealed to this substance manufactured by them carefully.
The bees also have used this product to stop decomposition the organic waste of  hive. And so, it was discovered that it has the property of to combat microbial attacks.
The studies of the last hour reveals that it has the advantage of being a genuine natural antibiotic, as effective as streptomycin and penicillin administered frequently.
The propolis, like the antibiotics obtained industrially has decisive action on a mass of germs such as the staphylococci, streptococci, some bacteria. In Additionally, compared with industrial antibiotics do not have side effects. The studies show that administration of a simple ration increases the brain's ability to function for at least 6 hours.
It has proven efficient in balancing the metabolism, preventing cell aging, regulating the hormonal system and increased production of antibodies to streamline the immune system.
The researchers concluded that these qualities of this product is conferred by flavonoids. There are about 500 different flavonoids, each bearer of qualities beneficial to human health. Of these flavonoids, much are found in propolis obtained from pollen collected by bees from flowers. In this there is also a compound called propoline extremely valuable and is administered as granules, powder or liquid. It should be noted that, besides these flavonoids, this product is also an important source of essential oils, trace elements (aluminum, chromium, nickel, zinc, magnesium etc.), Vitamin B3 and carotene.
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  1. artificial antibiotics have many negative effects on our body, so we must use this natural antibiotic when appropriate