harvesting propolis

Along with maintenance work of bee families, with opportunity beekeeper different sorts of raw material harvested from the resulting wax, he must attend to harvest propolis, a product now beginning to have greater search .
Knowing what it uses bees, we know how to find it along the cracks in the walls of the hive, the hive and joints of the body or the body shop to the hive multi-stage to urdinisurile left wide open by late summer and especially where they're a strong attack of skull butterfly. Insist that propolis is collected along with the raw material of wax, but state that must be kept separate from these two considerations: first that propolis has a value greater than demand and supplied as such unconditionally and secondly , that mixed with wax, it gives it a really pleasant smell but it reduces hardness, making it easy, which is not desirable, especially when using wax to manufacture artificial combs. Prior to delivery, this natural product is kept at the shelter away from gimmick. Propolis health benefits are numerous.
Increased production of propolis can be achieved using for that purpose one of the existing types of bee propolis collectors. Can be used comprising a mesh fabric (propolis is collected by freezing and crushing pieces of propolis on the net, making it brittle cold) or simply a piece of linoleum, almost the size of the top of the hive, Harvesting best bee pollen complex by simply scraping chisel bee.
In order to increase the production of pollen, may take the following measures:
-Interventions at each nest is made of bee families especially during spring and autumn will thoroughly clean by scraping, all parts and elements beehive that can remains deposits of this product;
Frames will distance themselves from them, and small boards bridge by 2-4 mm, forming spaces after the bees filling them with this natural product will be cleaned whichever is the resulting product;
Replace the bridge with a plastic mesh that after propolizare rises to harvest, cold store, then with a chisel, detach the product;
-Can be used with good results and propolis collector consists of a grid of galvanized steel laminated, plastic and cloth mesh that is placed over the nest collectors instead of the bridge, mesh and canvas collectors remain throughout the year in the bee family . Laminated grid is placed in April along with widening nest and raise fall when families prepare for wintering bees, the beekeeping season, whenever plastic mesh is loaded on most surfaces with this natural product is loosen the blade detachment collectors joining the largest part of the composition and analysis of propolis, by placing into position. Harvested from the canvas collection is once a year after first few days was kept at low temperature (freezer).
In this way every year large quantities may be harvested with a greater degree of impurities (to scrape parts of the hive) or almost free from various impurities, almost pure, using collectors.


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