propolis and infertility

Propolis is an excellent natural medicine. It stimulates the formation of antibodies through which builds the body's resistance to disease. Also, propolis strengthens and stimulates the immune system, in addition, released in body, substances that protect against cell damage.
Propolis is also a stimulator of sexual performance, physical and intellectual.
A study carried recently revealed that propolis is an excellent medicine for women who have fertility problems. Research has shown that women who consume 500 mg daily propolis extract were 60% higher chance of getting pregnant and to carry out the task. In contrast, only 20% of women who did not consume propolis were able to conceive and have a normal birth.
Everyone knows about miraculous properties of propolis on the body, but for women is good for treating endometriosis, a cause of infertility.
According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, a study of a group of women experiencing with infertility due endometiozei, show that an amount of 500 mg of propolis adminsitrat twice daily was sufficient to increase the rate of successful in conception.

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