Propolis Benefits


Propolis for immunity

A good remedy for cleansing the blood and strengthen immunity is propolis.   Drink  7-10 g of propolis clean (without wax), 3 times daily before meals.  A glimpse as an olive is chew for 15-20 minutes, then swallow. During the flu epidemic, it is recommended to keep the corner of your mouth a piece of propolis when we visit crowded places, but and during sleep, stuck to the teeth.
Butter propolis. Do should not miss from the menu of  the immunocompromised persons or with chronic respiratory diseases. It consumes without dosing. Preparation: one kg quality butter is brought in an enamelled vessel up to boiling point. The vessel is remove from heat and mix with 150-200 g of propolis grated. Put again on the fire, in a bain-marie (another large bowl with water at 80 degrees) for 30 minutes. Mix it permanent with a wooden spoon. Is consumed anointed on a slice of bread or mixed with grain pilaf.
Royal jelly. Three times per day 40-50 minutes before meals, are placed 10 drops of royal jelly under the tongue, with one drop of honey or 2-3 sugar crystals. After a course of 10 days, there is a 10 day break. Repeat 3-10 times.


propolis in pregnancy

Because pregnant women are not allowed to use many types of drugs in pregnancy, they try to beware of seasonal virosis, and other diseases using natural remedies. One of these is propolis.
Often used to strengthen the immune system, but also for other diseases, propolis is not indicated to be used in pregnancy and lactation should be avoided especially.
There are more debates about the use of propolis during pregnancy. It is certain that there is not sufficient scientific experiments and studies to bring essential information about its effect on the fetus. For the information in this issue are limited and insufficient, it is recommended to avoid both pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
Some experts say it's best to talk to your doctor before resorting to such remedies to give you the best advice on their safety.
Even if you are tempted by propolis during pregnancy, you can talk to a doctor for an alternative treatment regarding the problem you have. It is possible to have no effect on the pregnancy, but it is best you not risk.


propolis and infertility

Propolis is an excellent natural medicine. It stimulates the formation of antibodies through which builds the body's resistance to disease. Also, propolis strengthens and stimulates the immune system, in addition, released in body, substances that protect against cell damage.
Propolis is also a stimulator of sexual performance, physical and intellectual.
A study carried recently revealed that propolis is an excellent medicine for women who have fertility problems. Research has shown that women who consume 500 mg daily propolis extract were 60% higher chance of getting pregnant and to carry out the task. In contrast, only 20% of women who did not consume propolis were able to conceive and have a normal birth.
Everyone knows about miraculous properties of propolis on the body, but for women is good for treating endometriosis, a cause of infertility.
According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, a study of a group of women experiencing with infertility due endometiozei, show that an amount of 500 mg of propolis adminsitrat twice daily was sufficient to increase the rate of successful in conception.


propolis for stomach

Until a few decades, gastritis and ulcers were rare. Hyperacidity is a problem of modern man, who has an unbalanced diet, who smoke more, drink more coffee, more alcohol and is always stressed. In these cases add another, found 20 years ago: Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that forms the foundation of the ulcerous disease. Treatment consists of antibiotics, but sometimes they cause stomach discomfort.
Therefore, some medical specialists in family medicine with competence in apiphytotherapy and acupuncture, we recommend a natural antibiotic: propolis.
It reduces gastric acid hypersecretion, is anti-inflammatory, has an antispasmic effect, cicatrizes injuries that may exist on the stomach mucous membrane and acts as an antihemoragic in cases where the patient has hemorrhages stomach. Propolis can be purchased directly from beekeepers and administered as such in the form of the grains.
The recommended dose for heartburn is two the grains before breakfast and bedtime. It can, however, use propolis tincture, purchased from stores with natural profile. It is administered 10 to 20 drops in based on body weight, morning and evening, on a piece of bread. Because the tincture also has the alcohol in the composition, which is contraindicated for stomach problems, we recommend patients to wait a half hour to evaporate the alcohol.
Honey polyfloral
In case of heartburn, another effective remedy is honey bee polyfloral that prevent bacterial growth and has the local anti-inflammatory effect. But because honey has a mild acidity, it is recommended to dilute in a herb tea. The most use for this purpose is marigold flowers, St. John's wort, chamomile, hawthorn, lemon balm and acacia flowers.
Is mixed in equal parts and is prepared an infusion with 1-2 teaspoons of herb per cup of water (250 ml). Drink three to five cups a day until unpleasant symptoms disappear. It can add five drops of tincture of propolis. Medicinal plants can also be used separately for infusion prepared with the same amounts.


propolis honey

Composition and description: Propolis honey is a product obtained from honey bees and propolis.
Product rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, A, biomineral (Zn, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, K, P), bioenzime, antifungal and antiseptic substances.
The role of this product in the body is complex, the action was due to both the bee honey as well propolis,  two of natural products derived from bees.

Bee honey, besides its contribution in vitamins, enzymes, mineral salts, comes with a large amount of directly assimilable monosaccharides, such as fructose and glucose, being an energy product par excellence.
Under the aspect of sugar content, honey is an excellent tonic in fatigue, physical fatigue, muscular effort and the nature of the sugars contained a significant food with dietary properties.
Propolis, purified and brought in the form of soft extract, comes to enrich the compound of mineral substances with balms, essential oils but especially with a large amount of flavanols, basic constituents of propolis. Propolis has antibacterial properties, baeteriostatice, topical and regenerators.
The variety and complexity of the substances contained propolis honey, put this product among natural products which stir great interest among consumers.
The antiinflammatory action and cicatrizing for - Respiratory:  nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchial asthma; - mouth: stomatitis, gingivitis, thrush - urinary disorders: diuretic effect in cystitis, pyelocystitis, nephritis.

Honey with propolis
It is an exceptional anti-infective remedy for throat and airway,  having and very strong immunostimulatory effects. Take three tablespoons each day, after meals, then for 30 minutes, do not eat anything. Each teaspoon of honey is held in the mouth until dissolved and slowly slip down your throat, so to exercise the full anti-infective effects on this area.

The composition is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 3, due to insufficient testing for these categories.


propolis for herpes

The herpes always comes when you have a very low immunity, so that we must take care to strengthen our defense system and natural products with propolis can help in this regard.
Eruptions, small blisters with colorless liquid, are the most common manifestations of herpes virus infection. Blisters is break easily and the wounds caused have need up to 12 days to heal themselves. Throughout, the patients have itching or burning sensations local.
Frequent recurrence of herpes on the lips indicate a lack of iron in the body that weakens the immune system. For young children, infected from the mother can keep this virus for all life. Even if signs disappear, the virus remains and makes itself felt when the body is weakened due to fatty diet, of physical effort, of stress or excessive exposure to the sun. Other conditions such as diabetes or tuberculosis amplifies herpes. In the case of infection with herpes virus, doctors recommend rest for those with low immunity, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, giving up smoking and eliminating fats, which favors the appearance of eruptions. Order to keep away those around you from illness with herpes, should be noted that blisters with herpes contain large amounts of virus, which survive up to seven days and can be transmitted through saliva on the glasses or cups, kiss, coughing or sneezing.
Propolis is an efficient antiseptic, antiviral, cicatrizing, and immune system stimulant. In patients with herpes is recommended to treat outbreaks with propolis ointment, available at any pharmacy herbal.


propolis for children

Along with royal jelly and honey, propolis is part of the miracle trio of bee hive,  being among many others and most powerful anti-infective medicinal product knew until now. Scientists increasingly more than
preoccupied about the extraordinary properties of this natural medicine, have observed that this destroy no less than 21 bacteria, 9 species of fungus and neutralises the 30 types of viruses, including their varieties.
Respiratory viroses are effectively combated by propolis because of its potent antiviral actions. In no such cases administered of child antibiotics because they will not have no effect. Antibiotics only work for conditions caused by bacteria. So use propolis to combat the effects of respiratory virosis and boost the immune system to fight against viruses.
If to first of cold symptoms are administered propolis tincture at higher doses (2-3 x 3ml/zi in adults and 2-3 x 3 drops / kg / day in young children, mixed with honey), healing is more faster and the symptoms are much easier. Also to stimulate immunity in children and infants, experts recommend parents aqueous propolis extract, one to three drops per kg body weight per day. They say that this product is very effective especially in children who spend more time in communities because through prophylaxis the children will cool more slowly, until the colds will become the exception and not the rule.
The propolis can be used successfully in diseases of the digestive, or viral infections, as well enteritis or acute and chronic colitis. In this case take 50 drops of propolis tincture in a teaspoon of honey or on a piece of bread, 3-4 times per day. If the small suffer from parasitic diseases such as infection with Giardia Lambros protozoan, then be taken a teaspoon of tincture on a piece of bread 3 times a day before meals.
Treatment is administered one week and can be resumed if needed.


top 6 treatments with propolis benefits

Propolis content

• This compound is a mixture created by bees from resin of different trees and from the pollen. This is used by bees to fill small orifices of the hive or to cover and neutralize various intruders. We use for its antiseptic properties, mineralized, vitaminizante.
Propolis as antibiotic
This natural compound  internally managed is an antibiotic and natural antifungal. It can be used for viral affections, bacterial and inflammatory diseases, such as the flu and respiratory diseases (bronchitis).This product is also an excellent immunostimulating agent. You can consume as such or as a tincture that adds in tea. Single contraindication is allergy to bee products.
Propolis in skin diseases
Is used in many skin affections:
• Mycosis
• Eczema infectious
• Varicose Ulcers
• Wounds
• Burns
• Abscess
• Acne
In this case, it use compresses with or ointments based tincture of propolis.
     Propolis against corns
     It is used in crude form, applied to corns after she previously is softened in warm water. Leave to act a period of 2-3 days.
In period the night, you can use pads or wadding with tincture as well as ointment of propolis.
     Propolis in diabetes
     Tincture taken internally in tea, water or crumb has beneficial effects on both types of diabetes, insulin-dependently (type 1) and insulin-independently (type 2).
It decreases insulin resistance.
Propolis in malignant diseases
This product contains chemical compounds of acids category with effect of inhibitory tumor cell growth in laboratory animals.
To this adds his immunomodulatory property, which encourages administration of tincture (30 drops 3 times daily in water, juice or tea).
The hemorrhoids
This product finds its usage and in naturist treatment of hemorrhoids, an affection often seen in the population.
Through its effects antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient, based ointments propolis must try if you suffer from this condition.


Propolis extract

Propolis extract has strong antibiotic action.
Propolis extracts inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus. Also, propolis enhances anti-staphylococcal activity of certain antibiotics of synthesis like streptomycin, erythromycin and amoxicillin. Propolis extracts have demonstrated the protective effect in treating cold preparations which benefited of shortening treatment period. The studies performed have proven a reduction in the incidence of respiratory infections in children, manifests mainly as rhinitis, pharyngitis, strep throat and bronchitis.
Scientists have tested the antibacterial effects of propolis - aqueous extract 13% - on several strains of gram bacteria and gram - as well the strains of anaerobic bacteria isolated from patients with upper respiratory tract infections.
Following research, it was concluded that at concentrations ranging between 6.25 and 1 g of propolis extract / liter, all bacterial strains are destroyed. However, the effects are valid only at topical application of the preparations and not by their systemic administration.
Analgesic agent
Researchers at the University of Santa Catarina from Brazil conducted a study which highlights the effectiveness of propolis as analgesic agent in the treatment of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and the respiratory virosis.
To treat this type of disease is used propolis solution 5% alcohol, which stimulates tissue regeneration process in case of infection of the lesions. The alcoholic solution of 5% propolis can be used to treat as aerosols. For this purpose makes inhalations him in which propolis is dissolved in 1:2 proportions in boiled milk. It is recommended that patient to remain at rest approximately 25 minutes after each session of aerosols. Aerosolization can be done either by simple Inhalations or by using an electrical appliance for aerosol. Such treatment takes about 25 sessions, and if necessary it can be repeated every three months.