propolis for acne

Some people say that medicine are some chemicals and they do not take the pills never even when they have the headache. Others say that the popular remedies are the natural, efficient, and the best. Others say that are nonsense and that exist a pill for every affection or pain. The remedies from the people have the advantage of being the natural and not are harmful to the our body.
Some of the oldest the anti-acne popular treatments include using some herbs miscellaneous which boil and with the liquid resulting are made  inhalations afterwards. The plants most commonly used in combination to make these types of inhalations are elder flowers, marigolds and the flowers of comfrey.They apply externally and are considered to have beneficial effects in the case of acne.
Alongside these plants, the propolis is a product with special healing properties, used as a means of defense against microbes due to action bactericidal, bacteriostatic, antifungal agents.
Over time the people have noticed the beneficial effects of propolis, and though at first were based on intuition, the observation of its beneficial effects and the empirical use of his abilities, lately scientists have researched the biochemical composition of propolis and have made subject to to numerous studies carried out in medical laboratories. Thus they found that the propolis (form of tincture) heals:
- Burns - apply external on the wound surface, has a regenerative effect, disinfectant and anesthetic. For an increased efficiency of can be combined with the cream of marigolds.
- Infectious eczema. In dry eczema is made applications with propolis ointment or with the cream of marigolds and propolis 2-3 times a day;
- Pimples, acne, abscesses, furunculosis
- Skin ulcers, varicose ulcers, arthritis, arthrosis
- Abrasions, scratch, edemas, ecchymoses
The propolis is very efficient in treating acne and pimples. Oily skins in particular is prone to acne and irritation. Acne is a skin affection which is manifested by the small abscesses, pustules, which appear on the face and sometimes on the thorax, especially to teenagers. To get rid of acne it each morning is clean face with cleansing milk with propolis. To actions of cleansing are added the purified properties of propolis, present in the composition in different of extracts forms . Deep clean, respecting the pH and maintaining the hydrolipid layer of the skin. After removing make with milk should use an lotion with propolis without alcohol. To action of toning and purifying is added properties of propolis, leaving the skin cleaner, toned, smooth and wetted.
After the skin is clean apply a rich cream in propolis, moisturizer with a high content of active principles,  for normalizing the sebum, anti acne treatment and sanitized. Allow the exploitation of the best properties of medicinal plants. With: propolis, vitamin E, olive oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil.
DO NOT clean the face with water from the tap but only with tonic lotion!
The evening clean the face with cleansing milk of propolis then with a lotion of propolis  after that is makes a gommage with  Gel scrub that contains: AHA, glycolic acid and burdock.
Usage: use as a normal soap or gommage as well. Effect "peeling" can be dosed, ranging the period of rest and intensity of the massage. Apply serum Cleanaroma, synergy of essence of lavender, pelargonium, sage and propolis, a natural product for the cosmetic treatment of  purifying and cleansing of the skin. On clean skin apply a rich cream propolis specific.
While for a complete treatment 2 times a week use an ampoule the biocompensator   acid half morning  , half evening before of cream with which massage  until absorbed. This is a professionally serum in vials packaged, moisturizing, emollient, filmogen, protective (10 vials of 5 ml). Slightly acid with pH 5 and burdock, indicated for oily skin and impure. With: Anhfeldtia concinna (a red alga of the Pacific Ocean), NMF (natural moisturizing factor reconstituted), collagen, burdock extract. Also not to be forgotten Biomasca with sludge, a mask with naturally sludge shaped creamier, which is moisturizing, purifying, nutritive. With: sludge natural, collagen, elastin, burdock, wheat germ oil, shea butter, jojoba oil.

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  1. Propolis is a natural product, I recommend it for acne because I have used it and it was good for me