Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis has over 70 proven pharmacological properties, hundreds of indications, being used for therapeutic purposes from ancient times, and nowadays the researchers and the pharmacists of the world discovers in every month new properties and indications of bee propolis.
Bee Propolis can be used with successful in the treatment of specific diseases:
- The buccal cavity (common  chronic  recurrent aphthae, recurrent  labialis herpes, moniliasis, peripheral chronic  periodontitis, stomatitis after tonsillectomy, ulcerative stomatitis, ulcerative necrotic stomatitis )
- Orino-laryngology (acute tonsillitis, acute inflammation of the middle ear, chronic  pharyngitis,  post-traumatic pharyngitis, hypoacusis (hearing impaired), infections with Influenza virus , chronic  laryngitis, meso-tympanic,  chronic suppurative media otitis, chronic otitis with acute mezotimpanite, diffuse external otitis,  diffuse external eczematous otitis, Ozen, the traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane, chronic  allergic rhinitis , rhinitis, chronic hypertrophic, chronic  nasopharyngitis, chronic hypotrophy  acute nasopharyngitis, chronic rhino-pharyngo-tonsillitis, acute rhino-pharyngo-tonsillitis, rhino-sinusitis, chronic hyperplastic alergo-infected, cohleo-vestibular syndrome)
- Ophthalmology (microbial inflammatory diseases on anterior pole of the eye, ocular annexes, burning ocular or of the ocular annexes, sequelae of ophthalmicus herpes, ocular traumatisms or of the ocular annexes)
- Infectious diseases (Influenza, Herpes Zostere, heptatitis, salmonellosis, AIDS, leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, trichomoniasis, tripanosomiazis, pulmonary diseases, pulmonology, asthma, bronchiectasis, asthmatic bronchitis, nonspecific endo-bronchitis, infections with influenza virus,  nonspecific pneumonia,  nonspecific chronic pneumonia, tracheitis, pulmonary tuberculosis)
- Affections of  digestive system (subacute and chronic colitis, constipation, gastritis, peptic ulcer)
- Gynecology (vaginal pain after surgery, cervical erosion, leucorrhea, wounds difficult to heal after surgery in gynecology, trichomonas vaginalis, vaginitis)
- Dermatology (Alopecia in spots, total alopecia, burns and scalding, eczema, bedsores, folliculitis, furuncles, chronic hidroadenitis, hyperkeratosis, intertrigo (in infants), lupus erythematosus, neurodermatitis, pyoderma, Radiodermatitis, tuberculosis, cutaneous (as adjuvant) , chronic leg ulcers, trophic ulcers, warts)
- Radiology and radiotherapy (injuries from the radiation, radiodermatitis)
- Oncology (tumors caused by external factors such as: viruses, bacteria, chemicals, radiation, tumors produced by weakening of the immune system, tumor-originated epithelial (skin), and / or endothelium (mucosa).
Medical names above shows disturbances caused by external factors (pollution, radiation, bacteria, viruses, fungi, excessive heat, traumatic factors, etc..) Or internal (inflammation, hyper-or the hypo-function of internal organs, systems, tissues or cell and so on). Bee propolis can remove, diminish or neutralize the factors mentioned above, so harmonizing the functioning of the entire body, not just of its component parts.


  1. bees are healthy and natural products, so use them with confidence